"You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it"

- Margaret Thatcher

28 January 2018

Wasted potential

You have many talents within you that, with cultivation, could see you lead a life filled of joy, meaning, triumph, and love.

You spend your time looking for reassurance rather than taking brave leaps. Uploading selfies instead of your art. Moaning instead of creating. Making noise instead of listening. And perhaps the most upsetting of all: you pay attention to the opinion’s of others, the news, and politics rather than concentrating on self-mastery.

The world wants and needs what you have to offer. But not nearly as much as you need it. I emplore you to leave your mark.

by Nino Rosella
27 January 2018

A problem, solved

I can count on one hand the amount of times an app has made me exclaim out loud with joy. One of those times was today. 

The deadline for self-assessment tax is in a couple of days and I found myself in desperate need of some assistance. I saw an advert on the Tube for Quickbooks accounting software and duly signed up (responding to an advertisement in itself is a rare thing for me to do). 

With a couple of clicks, the input of some basic information and about 15 minutes of my time I had completed my entire tax assessment for the year. Incredible. 

What once took great expense, specialist knowledge, and hours of your time can now be completed painlessly by any idiot like myself. 

This is the secret to perennial work. Make something that’s actually useful. Something that solves a real problem that lots of people have. Genius. 

by Nino Rosella
26 January 2018

When your past catches up with you...

…you can do one of two things: 

  1. Use it as the cause of a great deal of anxiety. Dwell on it. Be evasive.

  2. Realise there’s no going back, accept the facts for what they are, and work to find a solution.

The key thing is that both are a choice. Which choice you make will determine your future. 

by Nino Rosella
25 January 2018

Improving discipline through practice

It’s discipline that gets shit done. Not willpower, and certainly not motivation.

Discipline is hard to cultivate, but luckily there’s a proven path to achieving it: practice.

You have to practice discipline day-in, day-out. It can’t be willed or wished. It has to happen through choice and brute force.

It’s why I blog every single day whether I feel like it or not (especially when I don’t feel like it). I also set my alarm to go off early - even on the weekends. And I just spent the evening in the pub with a load of pissed people whilst sipping on Diet Coke.

There’s also immense satisfaction to be had from doing the right thing. You should give it a go. It feels great.

by Nino Rosella
24 January 2018

Take the first step

Sometimes we’re like a rabbit caught in the headlights. We have a bright new idea, a new direction we want to head in, or … But lots of us choke at the very first stage. 

I’ve done this so many times. There’s a million different paths that we can go down, the todo list is off the page, and don’t even get me started on that evil little voice inside your head that starts making you consider what other people might think. It’s overwhelming, and oftentimes we give up before even starting. 

But please don’t. Please fight the urge to stop before you’ve even begun. The trick is to take action. I’m not talking about Tony Robbins-style massive action. Something small will suffice. Find one thing that you can do that will take you one step closer to where you want to me. Maybe that’s picking up the phone and making a single phone call. Perhaps it’s drawing up a design and showing it to a close friend. Or maybe it’s updating your CV and applying for just one job. Just do the smallest possible thing to spur your into action. Breaking the problem down like this will make it much more digestible, and hence, easier to stick with it. 

The world needs you to go forth and fulfil your dreams and desires. More important, you need to. As do I. 

by Nino Rosella
over 1 year ago

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On Harley Street

over 1 year ago

Buried spark plug

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Halliford Road, London

over 1 year ago

In the City

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City of London

over 1 year ago

Some kind of bird in St James's ParK

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No idea what type of bird this is, but I love the fact you can find it in central London

almost 2 years ago
Book Review

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

After reading Show Your Work, also by Austin Kleon, I thought I'd give Steal Like An Artist a go.

This book actually came first in the series, and in short, is a book about creativity and where it comes from. One of the main arguments that Kleon makes is that 'original' art is rarely that. All the best works are influenced by a whole other body of work that's already been completed by others.

I didn't find as much use for this book as I did from Show Your Work, but that may be to do with the fact that I didn't read this book to begin with. The first half of the book is certainly useful. Kleon points to many examples of where artists "steal", and how they incorporate it into their work. The second half of the book is really just general motivation and as such there isn't anything there that I haven't already heard from other people.

Just like Show Your Work, this book is easily digested in an afternoon, and it's not worse-off for it.

Great little book for anyone just starting out in a creative endeavour. 

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almost 2 years ago
Book Review

The Dip by Seth Godin

Probably the most important book on succeeding (and quitting) that's ever been written. If you're stuck on a project, in a job or with your company then you must read this book.

The Dip is only 80 pages long, yet I got more valuable insights from it than almost anything I've ever read. I needed this book right now and it didn't disappoint. My thinking has already cleared and I now know what I must do.

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almost 2 years ago

Is this how to change the disks and pads on an E46 BMW?

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I'm attempting to repair the brakes on my 3 Series BMW (E46). Armed with new pads and disks, and ZERO knowledge.

Obviously, this isn't an actual tutorial.

almost 2 years ago
Book Review

Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

I first heard about this book a couple of weeks ago when Derek Sivers mentioned it in a blog post and then I came across it yet again in Tim Ferriss’s Tools of Titans (which I’m currently reading), so I took the hint and bought it. 

I absolutely loved this book and I’ve read it at exactly the right time in my life for all of the contents to apply to everything I’m doing right now. It’s not a book that theorises  anything - it’s a book written from the author’s deep experience, which is deeply appealing.  

It’s a very clear and concise book that has helped me make my mind up on a range of issues. For instance, I’ve been debating with myself whether or not to syndicate certain parts of my work on other platforms and splitting my blog up into more than one site. Austin has convinced me that carving out my own little piece of the web and having complete control over it is the way forward. Deep down I knew this, but it’s always good to have someone who’s been there tell you so. 

I read this book in about four hours. It’s a small book that contains the perfect amount of information. He’s been respectful of our time. It also features lots of his illustrations throughout.  

Altogether a very motivational piece that will help clear you head and convince you that the best way to get noticed as an artist is to show your work. 

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almost 2 years ago

Teach yourself car mechanics

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Learn by doing is a mantra that I hold dear. 

For a long time now I've wanted to learn car mechanics. I tried to find some weekend and evening courses and I briefly flirted with the idea of starting from the bottom and becoming an apprentice at a local garage (almost impossible to get an apprenticeship if you're over the age of 25 here in England).

In the end I came up with a different solution: teach myself.

So off I went to eBay and bought a broken car for £40...

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about 2 years ago

My Grandad's Garage

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11th September 2015 -- 18mm -- f/3.5 -- 1/400s -- ISO1600 -- Nikon D3100

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