19 January 2018

I didn’t realise how cold it was today

Although this post has now been typed-up so you can see it on your screen - I originally wrote it by hand with an actual pen on an actual piece of paper.

I took my phone to Apple for some repairs (I rarely write my posts at home on a laptop) and so I was without a device for a few hours.

Holy shit, I didn’t realise how dependent I am on my phone. I must have reached into my pocket for it about 50 times over the course of two hours. That’s fucking madness. I literally felt naked without it for a while.

I was reduced to walking around Central London and actually having to engage with my surroundings. I couldn’t listen to any podcasts or music, so I heard things that I just haven’t heard it ages. I had no social media to check, so I actually took a look at my surroundings (what a pretty city) rather than through the lens of the camera to make my Instagram look as though I’m leading an interesting life. I had no means to tell the time so I actually had to make conversation with another human being.

I genuinely didn’t realise how cold it was today until I gave myself a chance to notice.

I’m making this sound like a terrible ordeal, but it was so liberating. I felt present in a way that I haven’t in ages. Walking around and fully taking in the sights and sounds and smells was ...

I feel guilty that I’ve let a device take over my life to such an extent for such a long period of time.

From now on I vow to drastically cut the use of my phone back. In fact, I’m planning on purposely leaving the house without it a few times a week. It’s therapeutic.

Who’s gonna join me?

by Nino Rosella