27 January 2018

A problem, solved

I can count on one hand the amount of times an app has made me exclaim out loud with joy. One of those times was today. 

The deadline for self-assessment tax is in a couple of days and I found myself in desperate need of some assistance. I saw an advert on the Tube for Quickbooks accounting software and duly signed up (responding to an advertisement in itself is a rare thing for me to do). 

With a couple of clicks, the input of some basic information and about 15 minutes of my time I had completed my entire tax assessment for the year. Incredible. 

What once took great expense, specialist knowledge, and hours of your time can now be completed painlessly by any idiot like myself. 

This is the secret to perennial work. Make something that’s actually useful. Something that solves a real problem that lots of people have. Genius. 

by Nino Rosella