10 December 2016

With one hand Ford giveth

Why did they do this to the Focus RS?

The thing I remember most about my childhood Sundays was playing footy in the freezing rain before rushing home to catch a glimpse of an Escort Cosworth terrorising a World Rally stage on TV. I also remember the joy of seeing a production version prowling the streets with that hunkered down stance, the ridiculous bodykit, the loud exhaust and the stupidly brilliant “whale tail” spoiler. 

Imagine my delight then when the new Focus RS (Baby Cosworth) is released not only with a 4-wheel-drive system, but is also awarded 5 glorious evo stars. But before we get too excited there’s a rather large elephant in the room that needs addressing. Like the regular models it’s only available in frumpy 5-door trim. Ford has to be kidding. 

A fast Ford is supposed to stick it’s fingers up at everything, but in particular: VW owners, your neighbours, that classy bird from work without an accent, and corporatism. So when I hear that the RS won’t be available in 3-door guise due to ‘global ambitions’, I can’t help but feel like the baddies won. If that’s something today’s RS owner doesn’t mind then I’m really worried about the direction the world is headed. 

This post was adapted from a letter that I sent to evo magazine that they printed in the March 2016 issue.

by Nino Rosella