27 August 2017

Really good isn't good enough

Can you remember the last thing that you recommended to a friend? Coincidentally, mine was Dunkirk. But before that I really can’t remember. Why is this? 

The simple fact is that we rarely talk about things that are really good. I don’t think I’ve ever recommended anything Tesco or Sainsbury’s sells, yet I shop at these places all the time. The price is fair (to me) and they keep their promise. As Seth Godin points out; if I were to talk about these things I’d be a very boring person. 

So, how do not come across as boring? By only talking about the things that are truly spectacular. World-changing, genre-defining, trend-setting things. Whether that’s a film, an app or a piece of architecture. 

When we recommend something to a friend (or our tribe) we’re laying so much on the line, so we’d better be right. 

Why are people going to talk about what you do? 

by Nino Rosella