29 August 2017

The problem with hipsters

Think of all the subcultures of the past fifty years. Rock ’n’ Roll went hand-in-hand the Teddy Boys. Soul, Ska, tailored suits and Italian scooters with the Mods. Punk rock and Punks with their brightly festooned mohicans, and anti-establishment sentiments. 

Hipsters on the other hand have done nothing but take. Rather than building on and evolving ideas they’re content with simply taking and not giving back. 

They’re a subculture of pirates; raiding the success of others. Actually, that’s not fair on pirates; at least they gave us the skull and crossbones, and enough stories and legends to last hundreds of years. 

Seriously, what have hipsters ever given us other than a damned good laugh? 

by Nino Rosella