31 August 2017

Cutting through the noise

I was sat behind a guy on the bus today and for the whole journey he was swiping merrily away on Tinder. He must have swiped right on fifty different girls, but I didn’t see him get one match.  

I saw his profile a number of times (amazing how much time people spend looking at their own profiles), and he was a handsome chap with decent photos, so his looks couldn’t have been the problem. 

No, the problem is that there’s too much noise, too many alternatives. It’s too easy to hold out in the hope that something better is just around the corner. (‘Better’ in the case of Tinder is usually a better staged and edited photograph). 

I first noticed this in my own behaviour on the app about a year ago and, in conjunction with my wildly dwindling number of matches, is one of the reasons I stopped using it.  

I’ve since gone back to - shock, horror! - striking up a face-to-face conversation with a girl and asking for her number. You see, this behaviour is now scarce, out of the ordinary, even. It’s more likely - no, certain - to make you stand out from the crowd. I can vouch for this. 

Where else in our lives can we zig where others zag? 

by Nino Rosella