02 September 2017

Should my boss fire me?

I either have really bad B.O. or people don’t really like me. Why else would colleagues cross the street when they see me coming? Yes, this has actually happened on two occasions by two separate people within the last week.

If you’ve ever worked at a really large company chances are you’ve experienced something similar. Hell, I know I’ve avoided people before when I worked at a big public company. The culture is easily diluted when a company reaches a certain size - it’s inevitable that there are going to be a lot of people singing from different hymn sheets, who know each other only in passing (or not in some cases).

"The best startups work a lot like cults"
- Peter Thiel, writing in Wired

However, the company I’m with now is a small startup with around 30 employees. How is it that we’re already at the stage where people are not only failing to form bonds - and friendships - over the mission, but actually going out their way to avoid one another? I’m well aware that the problem employee might actually be me, in which case I should be fired before I pollute the culture and do irreversible damage! 

It’s these formative years that really set the groundwork for the future and I’m worried they’re going to blow it by hiring too fast and firing slow (or not at all).

by Nino Rosella