04 September 2017

Curing writer's block

Is impossible because it doesn’t exist.  

What does exist is the fear in our heads that our friends, family and colleagues will read what we write and think we’re an idiot. If they think we’re an idiot then they’ll stop hanging around with us. Then we’ll have no friends, and we’ll probably get fired from our job because nobody wants to be the company that openly employs idiots. With no job we’ll be forced to move back in with our parents.  

But our parents won’t have us back because it’s too shameful for a thirty year old to move back home, and besides, they’ve spent that last seven years bragging to their friends about how well you’re doing. This means, unable to pay rent, we’ll be homeless on the streets of some harsh, unforgiving city. 

To cope further with the shame we’ll turn to the numbing effects of alcohol before realising even that isn’t helping any longer. Heroin. Overdose. Death. 

What we have to realise is that this fear is totally unfounded and this realisation comes about by dancing with it. This is why I’m blogging every day. Each time I hit the ‘publish’ button I get a little bit better at the dance. I realise that nothing bad is coming from it. I still have all my friends, my job, and life is pretty nice, thank you very much. 

We have to treat the work like a pro. Every day a mechanic turns up to work and fixes cars. He doesn’t get mechanic’s block. The same with the dentist. She completes procedures every day without getting dentist’s block. The best piece of advice I’ve been given is to write like you talk, because you don’t get talkers block! We can all type and we can all talk. 

We have to sit down every single day and write - even when we don’t want to and think we have nothing to say. In fact, I sat staring at my monitor with nothing to say for an hour before writing this post. I’ve got loads of things to say, but I was worried about saying them. It’s the practice that helps me through it. 

So now you know there’s no such thing as writer’s block what delights are you going to share with the world? 

by Nino Rosella