10 September 2017

Making promises

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In case you weren’t aware; yesterday I got drunk. A couple of mates and I made the 45-minute pilgrimage on public transport to Green Lanes in Haringey to visit our two favourite places: Gökyüzü restaurant and The Salisbury pub. Both of these establishments are wildly popular - not only with the locals, but with people across the whole of London. 

I believe the key to their success is the fact that they both make really strong implicit promises and then never break them.

If you think about it; there’s a promise at the heart of all marketing. We have explicit promises; “take out a credit card with us and you’ll have six months 0% interest”, and we have implicit promises, which are way more powerful. An implicit promise isn’t stated, it’s rarely simple and you’ll struggle to measure it. 

For instance, the implicit promise of Gökyüzü is that you get an authentic taste of Turkey, in a mildly chaotic setting reminiscent of a Mediterranean family kitchen. The food is hearty, honest and delicious. If they were to start serving a fancy menu, cut down the portion sizes and play lounge music on the stereo they’d quickly find the place empty.

The Salisbury is a proper pub. It doesn’t serve drinks in jam jars, it doesn’t sell the latest hipster craft beer, its sparse food menu is simple and at the weekends they put the footy on. This is important to people like me. People like us do things like this.

Nowhere are any of these promises written down, yet everyone is aware of it, which makes our jobs as marketers that much more complex - and rewarding when we get it right! What promise are you making and are you sure you’re keeping it?

by Nino Rosella