15 September 2017

She weighed my burrito

“I’ll have a pork burrito, please.” 

“No problem, sir” came the reply from the rather miserable-looking server. Already a bit put off by her manner I became slightly alarmed when I saw her lay a tortilla wrap on top of a set of scales and proceed to carefully measure out the contents of my burrito. First came a small helping of black beans, followed by a bit of rice. Each time adding a little bit here and there to bring the weight up. 

Then came the pork. Waaaaay too much pork judging by the way she puffed-out her cheeks and removed some from the burrito. 

“Why are you weighting the burrito?” I asked. “Is it for the optimal taste?” 

“No. The manager doesn’t want us giving customers too much.” 


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I had only just walked into the place and was essentially being accused of stealing. Of getting too much value for my money. 

I don’t know much about business, but I do know that treating your customers with contempt from the get-go is not the best strategy. Luckily, this strategy hasn’t gone unnoticed and they’re rocking an average rating of 1.6 on Google. 

With everyone watching and able to comment on everything you do it pays to be doing the right thing. 

by Nino Rosella