27 September 2017

Why I don't practice singing

I caught myself singing today without my headphones in. Oh my days. The racket. 

I'm tone deaf. 

And here's the thing: no amount of deliberate practice will ever see me become a good singer, let alone great. I just don't have any natural ability to be built on. The same can be said for ballet. I'm the wrong shape and I have as much grace and natural flexibility as a concrete foundation. 

Or long-distance running, or painting and decorating, or working with spreadsheets. 

But, just like you, there are things I'm naturally talented at. Things that with enough dedication, practice and hard work I could be great at. Happily, we also tend to be much more interested in and successful at things we have a natural disposition towards. We should do more of these things. We should really double down on them. 

Sure, working on your weaknesses is good idea, too. Although I don't think anyone ever made a dent in the world by dealing their worst hand. 

But then there's the things we're shit at but don't care because we love doing them. We should never stop doing these. Crap singer but bloody love it? Don't stop. Ever. 

Just don't peg you goals, dreams and aspirations on it. As long as we remember this we'll be golden. 

by Nino Rosella