28 September 2017

Taking delight in the little things

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Yesterday my mate gave me a present. It's a brass ruler by a company called Traveller's Company. It's made in Japan using traditional metalworking techniques, and naturally, the brass oxidises over time, which creates a patina all of your own, like a well-worn pair of shoes. 

It's proper geeky and I love it. 

I spent a good ten minutes just revelling in the detail; holding it up to the light and seeing how the light reflects differently off the tilted side and from the inscribed scale. I spent time being charmed by its simplicity. 

In short: I was present, which is delightful. I wasn’t distracted by my iPhone, by a social media feed pumping my brain full of dopamine with each new post. I wasn’t thinking about what I have to do at work tomorrow, or where I’m going to find the time to pick up my Amazon package from some godforsaken . No, I was in the moment, and it was delightful. 

Rather than downing your morning coffee on the train, instead take the time to savour it. Your phone notifications can wait. Or it can be deeply appreciating the guitar solo of your favourite track. It could be savouring the occasion when that hot girl smiled at you. It could be that moment you put on new socks or the 15 minutes spent absorbed in the spec sheet of that new sports car. 

It’s amazing how many opportunities we have each day to be delighted (and present) like this if only we let ourselves. 

by Nino Rosella