30 September 2017

A real state-changer

For whatever reason I was in a bit of a funk about an hour ago. Nothing too bad; a bit moody and hating on various aspects of the world. We all do it. 

But what can start out as 'a bit of a funk' can very quickly spiral out of control if we don't check ourselves. I remember reading in one of Tony Robbins's books a while ago that when we catch ourselves in these situations we have to snap ourselves out of it quickly. 

This 'snap' can take many forms. The one that just worked for me was putting on a piece of my favourite music - a joyous track by Joss Stone in this case. 

And it worked a treat. I was humming along and smiling, which are perfect conditions to asses what you were in a funk about and set out to deal with it with a sound, rational mind, rather than from a place of stress and anguish.

These snaps can take lots of forms. Tony Robbins uses a plunge pool. Other people might watch a clip of their favourite stand-up comedian in action or go outside for a brisk walk. 

The trick is to find out what your state-changer is in advance, then work to catch yourself in a funk before the real destructive thoughts and actions prevail. 

(And no, turning to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food and the like is not a good state-changer).

by Nino Rosella