07 August 2017

Pret missing a trick

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I was sitting in a Pret A Manger today when I noticed this card in its little holder on the table. You're meant to fill it out with feedback and somehow deliver it back to the staff. It wasn't clear how. 

When was the last time anyone filled one of these out? I'd wager that people are more inclined to write a crap review online or physically go and complain to the staff face-to-face if the issue is bad enough (Americans and insane people). 

Instead, imagine if that little holder grasped a postcard with pre-paid postage and a pen. How many people do you think might write: "Hey, just having lunch in Pret and saw this nice postcard and thought of you" before popping it in a little postbox in the store and going on their merry way?

A wasted opportunity if you ask me. 

by Nino Rosella