03 October 2017

What you get out...

very much depends on what you put in.

As obvious as this is we all forget it. Often.

Car coughing and wheezing? You fill it with the cheap petrol and oil. It's obvious.

Lack of energy, sleeping poorly and irritable? Well, you (I) eat like a dustbin, drink to much alcohol and caffeine, and go to bed too late. It's obvious.

Substandard results on that last project? It was poorly planned and left until the last minute. It's obvious.

Relationships coming undone at the seams? You didn't spent enough time and effort nurturing them. You did more taking than giving. It's obvious.

Of course, recognising that these things are obvious in hindsight is easy. Identifying these problems at the beginning (or anytime that's not the end) is much harder. But vital.

by Nino Rosella