08 October 2017

Being impressionable

Chatting to a lovely colleague at work today I was having trouble placing her accent. For the most part it's accentless English, yet you can definitely hear muted tones of 'the North'.

Turns out she's from Liverpool and - like myself - her accent changes according to who she's currently in conversation with. 

"I suppose I'm just impressionable like that". I'd argue we all are, but to what extent?

Does it stop at our accents or does it go deeper? How susceptible are we to the media - left-wing, right-wing and all the wings in between? Whose agenda are we unconsciously enacting? 

We always hear stories of mob mentality; of normally peaceful and law-abiding citizens reneging on these values, spurred on by the fervour of others.

Conversely, how impressionable are we when the motives are kinder? It's hard not to be spurred on and energised when participating with a group of like-minded people doing great work. 

Or in a great relationship where the other person's joyous attitude to life infects you makes you a better person.

I reckon we're only as impressionable as we let ourselves, which is why it's so important to keep tabs on everything we expose ourselves to.

by Nino Rosella