08 August 2017

A lack of empathy

It's amazing the array of places you can find a lack of empathy. 

There's the support technician trying to fix your internet that treats you like an idiot and doesn't understand that you work from home and need Internet to earn a living. There're doctors that have a cold bedside manner. There are the architects who have never spent a day in a wheelchair trying to navigate the built environment.

And there are people like me, who attend a funeral and ask a puffy-eyed relation to the deceased: "how are you doing?" as if the answer wasn't bloody obvious.

You may think I'm being unduly harsh on myself - it's a mistake that's easy to make. But the first step in developing more empathy is noticing the times when you have a lack of it. 

Empathy can be applied to things big and small alike. It makes us more human and that's why it's important.

So, I apologise for today. Will do better.  

R.I.P Maggie G

by Nino Rosella