18 October 2017

What we can learn from Joss Stone about tribes

I went to see Joss Stone last night at the Royal Festival Hall where she was accompanied by the London Philarmonic Orchestra.  

It was sold out. 

Not bad for someone who paid to get out of her mainstream music contract with EMI in her early twenties. The exact time she was full swing in the years that others would kill for. 

She wanted to leave because they were trying to make her something that she both wasn't and didn't want to be. So she left. She chose herself.  

She then began to keep a close tribe. Paying - at first - for her own music production and playing in venues a fraction of the size. But she did these things for her art. For her true fans. 

And just like Kevin Kelly says: she's able to make a nice living doing just that. In fact, I'd say she's making more than a nice living. 

So as we've seen time and again, service your true fans, stay loyal, work hard, and you'll be successful for a long, long time. On your own terms. 

by Nino Rosella