Rich dickheads in Ferraris

I came out of the train station the other day to be greeted by a Ferrari in a disabled bay. “Dickhead,” I said, under my breath.

This surprised me for two reasons.

Firstly, I have no problem with people earning a shit-tonne of money and buying fast cars. I also love Ferraris.

Secondly, before uttering complete nonsense, did I even bother to check if there was a blue badge on the dash? Nope.

There was a blue badge on the dash.

We live in a warp-speed world, with warp-speed news and tweets. Opinions divulged before neurones are even aware. Insults hurled whilst facts remain unsought.

It’d pay for all of us to slow right down. To take a few moments – or even more than that – before acting. The world would be better off for it.