Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Read 27 January 2017

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After reading Show Your Work, also by Austin Kleon, I thought I'd give Steal Like An Artist a go.

This book actually came first in the series, and in short, is a book about creativity and where it comes from. One of the main arguments that Kleon makes is that 'original' art is rarely that. All the best works are influenced by a whole other body of work that's already been completed by others.

I didn't find as much use for this book as I did from Show Your Work, but that may be to do with the fact that I didn't read this book to begin with. The first half of the book is certainly useful. Kleon points to many examples of where artists "steal", and how they incorporate it into their work. The second half of the book is really just general motivation and as such there isn't anything there that I haven't already heard from other people.

Just like Show Your Work, this book is easily digested in an afternoon, and it's not worse-off for it.

Great little book for anyone just starting out in a creative endeavour.