almost 2 years ago

Is this how to change the disks and pads on an E46 BMW?

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I'm attempting to repair the brakes on my 3 Series BMW (E46). Armed with new pads and disks, and ZERO knowledge.

Obviously, this isn't an actual tutorial.

almost 2 years ago

Teach yourself car mechanics

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Learn by doing is a mantra that I hold dear. 

For a long time now I've wanted to learn car mechanics. I tried to find some weekend and evening courses and I briefly flirted with the idea of starting from the bottom and becoming an apprentice at a local garage (almost impossible to get an apprenticeship if you're over the age of 25 here in England).

In the end I came up with a different solution: teach myself.

So off I went to eBay and bought a broken car for £40...

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